What are some quotes about bravery/courage in the Book Thief?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Max and Liesel are two characters who demonstrate bravery.

If they killed him tonight, at least he would die alive.  (The Struggler, Continued)

I chose this quote because I think it demonstrates perfectly Max’s personality.  There are so many examples of Max’s courage.  He left his home so that he could be the one person in his family to possibly live.  He made the difficult journey to find a safe place to hide.  He walked outside at night during air raids, just to get a taste of freedom.  When he was captured, he responded with grace and courage.  Max is a symbol of bravery.

She was a girl with a mountain to climb. (The Joy of Cigarettes)

Liesel was brave in so many ways, but her steadfast desire to learn to read and her love of books are a thing of beauty.  She steals books from bonfires and the mayor’s wife.  She struggles through learning to read, and nothing else matters to her.  Liesel, of course, demonstrates other types of bravery.  Her quick thinking in pretending she was hurt, for example, so that she can get a message to Hans to hide the Jew in basement before the Nazis can check there, is a good example.  A close second to her desire to learn to read against all odds is Liesel reading aloud during air raids and bombings.  She used her love of books to bring bravery to everyone there.

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