In The Book Thief, what are three events leading to the climax?

Expert Answers
teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Note that there are more than three events leading to the climax of The Book Thief since many things occur in the rising action of the novel.  The climax of the book occurs very near the end of the book when Himmel Street is bombed and Liesel loses all whom she loves.  Some major events leading up to this are:

1.  The soldiers have book-burning sessions in the streets, and Liesel watches as the books (and all knowledge) go up in flames.  This is an early symbol that the people of Himmel Street will be stripped of all that they know.

2.  When Hans agrees to take in Max, their home is immediately put in danger.  The Hubermanns are in constant fear that someone will realize that Max is hiding in the basement and that they will be punished by the German soldiers for it.

3.  The German soldiers march the Jewish prisoners through town on their way to Dachau.  They are obviously starving and being led to their death.  The people in town see that their own survival is equally precarious.