In the book and then there were none how do the guests react to the accusations?

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schulzie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

They were all shocked.  Their immediate reactions were:

Mr. Rogers dropped the coffee tray.  His face turned white and his hands were shaking.

Mrs. Rogers fainted.  When she awoke, she turned a little green when they reminded her of what had happened. They gave her some brandy and her color returned, but she had to be given a sedative by the doctor later that evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Rogers later say that the lady died because she had a heart condition.  They tried to help her but it was too late.  They benefited from her will.  She left them a legacy in recognition of their faithful service.

General MacArthur's hands started to shake.  His shoulders sagged and he looked ten years older.

The General says that the crime he is accused of was a natural act of wartime. He sent the man on a reconnaissance mission, and he was killed.

Mr. Blore took out his handkerchief and started mopping his face.

Mr. Blore said that the man he is accused of killing was involved in a bank robbery.  It was his testimony that convicted him.  The man, who was in a delicate state, died a year later in jail.  Mr. Blore was complimented and promoted for the case.

Justice Wargrave sat as he always did, but he scratched his ear and his eyes were darting all over the place, alert with intelligence.

Justice Wargrave said that he was just doing his duty.  He passed sentence on a rightly convicted murderer.  The man was duly executed.

Miss Brent did not really react.  She sat as she always did.  There was only a spot of color on her cheeks.

Miss Brent says nothing.  She refuses to talk about it.

Vera Claythorne became hysterical.  When they found the gramophone she couldn't stand to hear it.

Vera says she was the governess for Cyril Hamilton.  He was not allowed to swim out very far.  One day he did.  She swam after him, but she got there too late.

Mr. Lombard went in search of who was responsible for the announcement  and found the gramophone.

Mr. Lombard states that his crime was a matter of self-preservation. They were lost in the bush.  He and a couple of other fellows took the food and deserted the others, left them to starve.  He felt that natives don't mind dying.  

Dr. Armstrong went to help Mrs. Rogers and then declared it to be a practical joke when they found the gramophone.

Dr. Armstrong says he doesn't remember the patient, but the author puts his thoughts in italics.  He remembers the patient and the fact that he was drunk when he operated on him.

Mr. Marston went in search of some liquor and got everyone a drink.

Mr. Marston said that the couple he ran over were a couple of kids who ran out in front of his speeding car. It was a pure accident.  He paid for it by having his license suspended for a year.