In the book Tears of a Tiger why does Andy not feel comfortable talking to his counselor?

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When Andy's friend, Robert Washington, is killed in an automobile accident, Andy has a difficult time processing and accepting his friend's death. He blames himself for not being able to save Robert from the burning car; his last memories of the accident are of Robert calling after Andy to save him.

Andy tells his Coach that he feels the judge was too lenient on him; after all, the judge dropped the vehicular homicide charge and only kept the DWI charge, which resulted in a two year suspended sentence and a revoked driving license until age 21. Andy thinks he should have gone to jail for drinking, driving, and causing the death of his friend.

However, Andy's coach reassures him that the judge did what he thought was best for Andy; Coach Ripley tries to encourage Andy not to be so hard on himself. Andy's parents pay for Andy to see an African-American psychologist named Dr. Carrothers. Andy is initially reluctant to talk to Dr. Carrothers about his feelings. First, he feels that it will be a waste of his time and a waste of his parents' money. Second, Andy doesn't think Dr. Carrothers can really cure his depression or his inability to sleep on some nights. Third, Andy appears to have a difficult or dysfunctional relationship with his parents. He doesn't think they really understand him, and he may be suspicious or distrustful of their attempts to get him to talk to a counselor.

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