In the book, Tangerine, Why does Theresa think that Paul has messed up his whole life by coming to her school?

Expert Answers
anthonda49 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When Paul entered Tangerine Middle, Theresa was his guide for the first two days. The topic of soccer came up, and she introduced him to the coach and team. Her twin brother played on the team, and every day, her older brother Luis would pick them up after practice. Paul was interested in Luis and his grove. He spent some time learning and helping in the fields. Because of Paul inviting his science group home to work on their project, Erik became involved with the Cruzes in a very negative way. When Luis confronts Erik about his brutalizes his younger brother, Erik has his buddy Arthur blackjack Luis leading to his death. From there the Cruz brothers invade a football awards ceremony beating Erik and Arthur. Theresa's world is shattered by the death and further violence. Even though she liked Paul and Paul liked her, a Latino family mixing with an upper class white family has resulted in grief. In reality, Paul's attending Tangerine Middle didn't mess up his own life; it resulted in solving a family issue that was eating up the Fisher family.