In the book Tangerine (by Edward Bloor) what are some of the consequences for moving to Tangerine, Florida?

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If you move to Tangerine, your life may become more difficult and you’ll have to worry about natural disasters. It has sinkholes, including one that swallowed a classroom, and muck fires, which cause smoke to seep into your house. Lightning strikes almost constantly and has killed more than one teenager in Tangerine. Mike Costello’s death by lightning was a big event, but other student’s deaths were also mentioned.


If you move to Tangerine, you might miss out on the diversity provided by other cities and neighborhoods.

It’s  economically divided. Tangerine High School doesn’t receive the same funding as Lake Windsor Downs. We know this becauseTangerine is old and falling down, and its textbooks are ripped and musty. Meanwhile, Lake Windsor Downs has  fancy new classrooms and new soccer uniforms. While the people in Lake Windsor Downs snugggle up during the freeze, those in Tangerine have to fight to save their livelihood, the tangerine groves. Paul is the only person to cross the divide. This seems sad–why ignore your neighbors just because they don’t have as much money as you?

However, like Paul, you might grow as a person because of these difficulties. You might even like it–Paul definitely did!

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