In the book "Taming The Star Runner," how would you describe Casey?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Casey Kincaide is capable and efficient.  At the age of eighteen, she essentially runs her own business and runs it well, keeping "an orderly record book - who had a lesson on what day, whose horse she was riding, vet records, horseshoe bills".  She is a confident, gifted teacher, and knows how to react in an emergency, as she did when one of her students suffered a compound fracture in a riding accident. 

Casey is courageous.  She is not afraid to work with the Star Runner, who is described as "crazy", and she is undaunted by personal discomfort and pain, insisting on riding the difficult horse even when she is injured.  Casey also recognizes and respects courage in others.  She first considers Travis seriously as a person when he acts bravely in killing a snake.

Casey is determined, having decided to pursue horse-jumping at the age of eleven.  She appreciates beauty and talent for its own sake, considering it a form of art.  This is why she resolves to compete with Star Runner, because of his exceptional ability.  Casey is genuine and unpretentious.  She has strong emotions which she keeps carefully in check, so that they don't interfere with her ability to think and act effectively.  One does gets the feeling, however, that although she claimed not to have loved the Star Runner, his death affected her as deeply as if she had, and that if she had allowed herself to love Travis, it would have been the real thing.

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