In State of Fear, where do they eventually find the important list?

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George Morton, giving Peter Evens a cryptic message about an important list of places and dates, says: "Everything that matters is not remote from where the Buddha sits." They initially think he is referring to some place outside North America, but eventually Evens realizes that there is a Buddha in Morton's living room, near a number of remote controls for the media center.

"Looks like there are two DVD controllers." The second one was stubby and black and had all the usual buttons, but it was slightly lighter than the others.

Evans pulled open the battery compartment. Only one battery was there. In place of the other was a tightly rolled piece of paper.

"Bingo," he said.
(Crichton, State of Fear, Google Books)

The hiding place is appropriate because it uses modern technology to hide a simple piece of paper; since there are so many remotes, it is unlikely that the antagonists would even think to look at them. They discover that the paper contains dates and places where the antagonists are planning disastrous attacks to promote their agenda; just as the antagonists use technology to simulate natural disasters, Morton used technology as a vessel to thwart them.

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