In the book Stargirl, where do the cards that Stargirl gets come from?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Stargirl makes the cards herself.  She has a little "office" behind Archie's house.  Stargirl keeps all kinds of art supplies there, among other things, and it is in this workshop that she creates the cards she sends.

Stargirl's "office" is a very private place.  She tells no one about it, not even Leo.  Leo does not discover the workshop until just before he is to leave for college, two summers after Stargirl disappears from his life forever.  At that time, Archie asks Leo to come over for the purpose of showing him Stargirl's special place.  In the toolshed behind Archie's house, Leo is shocked to find "all the stuff of her activity that (he) had expected to see in her room at home...wheels of ribbon and wrapping paper, stackes of colored construction paper, cardboard boxes of news paper clippings, watercolors and cans of paint, a yellow stack of phone books".  In addition to these things Leo also sees a map of Mica, a calendar filled with birthdays, the homemade family album Stargirl had been making for Peter Sinkowitz, and a file cabinet filled with information about various people.  From her secret "office", Stargirl had gathered the information for the sole purpose of learning about the people around her so that she could bring happiness into their lives and make their lives better.  In awe, Leo comments that she was like a spy, and Archie concurs, calling her activities "a lovely treason" (Chapter 32).

mthiggins65 | Student

she made them