In the book To Sir With Love ,can you please tell me which of the teachers were on the panel?I would like to know the names of the teachers. Thank you!

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mr. Weston, Mrs. Dale-Evans, and Miss Phillips are the teachers on the panel.

The panel is selected by the Students' Council during their Half-Yearly Report.  On this occasion, the proceedings are entirely "arranged, presented and controlled" by the the students.  It is an important day, and everyone arrives "smartly dressed and polished" for the meeting in the auditorium, which is opened by an encouraging address by Mr. Florian.  After this, a short "explanation of the Council's purpose and activities" is given, followed by reports given by representatives of each class in every subject on "the studies pursued during the half year" preceding.

After the student reports, a panel of teachers is called to occupy the stage.  The panel's purpose is to answer questions from the student body on "matters arising out of the various reports".  The manner of the panel's selection is left entirely to the students' discretion.  At the gathering described, the selection is done at random - the names of each teacher, including the Head, are placed on slips of paper, which are then folded, dropped in a hat, and drawn out one by one.  The teachers chosen are Mr. Weston, Mrs. Dale-Evans, and Miss Phillips.

Not surprisingly, Mr. Weston "cut(s) a very ridiculous figure" before the student body.  In the face of the students' "adroit questioning", he is ineffective and unable to give clear and satisfactory responses, blustering instead to cover his lack of information and thought on the subject at hand.  In contrast, Miss Phillips performs with admirable aplomb, answering students' questions confidently and intelligently.  The respect she engenders "promptly (shoots) up  a hundredfold" as she effectively supports the validity of the P.T. requirement, the merits of which have been brought up for debate (Chapter 17).