In the book The Sign of the Beaver, why did Matt hope that Attean would find his manitou?

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After disappearing for longer than usual, Attean reappeared at Matt's home. At first Matt was excited to see his friend but then realized that Attean had something serious on his mind. Attean then explained that he was going to be leaving to go into the woods alone and find his manitou. Matt was curious about what Attean would be doing while in the woods finding his manitou so Attean took time to explain.

At first, as Attean explained that this was the way of his people and would lead to his becoming a man, Matt was afraid of losing his boyhood friend who would return a man. However, as Attean explained that he would be alone in the woods surviving on his own skills until his manitou, or spirit, appeared before him, Matt became more concerned that the manitou might be delayed or not show in all. He knew that without his manitou appearing, Attean would have to return ashamed to his village. He did not want that for his friend so he hoped that Attean would find his manitou.

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