In the book Shabanu: Daughter of the Wind, what did Shabanu and her Dadi sell in the bargain and for how much?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Shabanu and Dadi sell all of the female camels and calves they have brought, except for one older female who "hasn't dropped a calf in three years," for thirty thousand rupees. The man who purchases them is happy, feeling that he has gotten "a good bargain."

Dadi had originally asked much more for his camels. The man who eventually received the good bargain had commented that Dadi's prices are "the highest at Sibi." Dadi had countered with the observation that his camels "are the best." Later in the morning, Dadi negotiates another deal for Tipu, the large male camel who is the leader of the herd. In return for Tipu, Dadi receives the handsome sum of eighteen thousand rupees.

Dadi makes an even larger transaction when a man named Wardak returns some time later. Wardak presents Dadi with an offer he cannot refuse, one hundred and fifty thousand rupees for Guluband, Dadi's largest and best-trained camel and Shabanu's favorite. Shabanu is devastated when Guluband is led away, but when she has settled down, she understands, despite the aching void in her heart, that the family is

"richer than (they) have ever been...from the sale of fourteen camels, Dadi has made enough for Phulan's wedding and dowry and for (Shabanu's) next year. He and Mama will have an easier life (Chapter 7 - "The Bargain").