In the book Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, what happens in Strawberry and how does Casse get revenge?I need to know exactly what happened and how.

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 5 of Mildred Taylor's Rolling Thunder, Hear My Cry, T. J. , Cassie, and Big Ma load into the wagon and ride all the way to Strawberry, Mississippi.  There, Big Ma pulls the wagon containing milk and eggs into a line far from the front.  When Cassie asks why they do not move the wagon closer in line, Big Ma tells her that line is for whites only.  When the crowd thins by noon, Big Ma pulls the wagon out and parks in front of  a building where a shingle hangs that reads, "Wade W. Jamison, Attorney at Law." 

As they wait in the wagon, T. J. suggests that they run down to the Barnett Mercantile while Big Ma is busy.  After they arrive at the store, T. J. weasels his way into the store and hands Mr. Barnett a list.  While Mr. Barnett fills this list a white woman comes in and Barnett drops everything and waits upon her.  Then, as Barnett returns to help the children, a white girl gets her order filled. Having a girl be waited on before them infuriates Cassies, so she reminds Mr. Barnett that he has been waiting on them.  However, Mr. Barnett harshly rebuffs Cassie, telling her to get over to where she was and just wait.  Nevertheless, Cassie declares, "We been waiting ...nearly an hour...And it ain't fair."  This comment infuriates Mr. Barnett, who screams "Whose little n---is this!"  A woman from another wagon tries to quiet Cassie, but she yells instead.  Mr. Barnett tells Stacy to get her out of the store.  Outside, Cassie asks Stacy, "What's the matter with you?"  He swallows his anger, and he replies that while they know what they are, Mr. Barnett is not sure of what he is.

As Cassie sulks, she runs into Lillian Jean Simms.  When Lillian Jean demands an apology, Cassie says that she is sorry, but she will not obey the order to get down in the road.  Just then Mr. Simms appears and demands that Cassie apologize to Miss Lillian.  Cassie says, "I-I apoligiized already."  Then, Big Ma appears and tells Cassie that they are going home, but not before Mr. Simms demands that Casie apologize.  Cassie is forced to apologize.  After   apologizing, Cassie fleescryint and scrambles into the back of the wagon.  Cassie narrates,

When the words had been spoken, I turned and fled crying into the back of the wagon.  No day in all my life had ever been as cruel as this onw."
bubbles7badgero7 | Student

She pretends to be lillians slave then beats her up really bad its really funny made me laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tpriegel | Student

In Strawberry, Cassie bumped into Lillian Jean and was forced to apologize to her.  To get revenge Cassie made friends with Lillian Jean over the next few days/weeks.  Cassie acted as though she was inferior to Lillian Jean by carrying her books and being bossed around.  She got to the point where Lillian Jean had told her secrets.  Cassie then tricked Lillian Jean into going into the woods on their walk home from school and shoved her down and beat her up a little bit.  Cassie then told Lillian that if she told on her she would tell everyone the secrets that Lillian told her.

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