In the book The Road to Memphis, how old are all the characters?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The central characters of The Road to Memphis, the Logan children, are all in their teens or early twenties during the time of the narrative. Cassie Logan, who is attending school in Jackson, Mississippi, is seventeen years old. Cassie is readying herself to go on to college, determined to further her education despite the roadblocks against her advancement as a black woman living in the Deep South during the World War II era. She remains feisty and opinionated as always, unafraid to stand up for what she believes is right. Despite attempts to make her into a lady, Cassie is still a tomboy at heart, reveling in her ability to keep up with the endeavors of her male friends.

Cassie's older brother Stacey is twenty, and works at a box factory in Jackson. He is "a handsome young man, tall and slender," who enjoys dressing up and has managed to save up and actually buy a car. Stacey has grown up into his own element, and has developed into a leader who takes special care to look out for his friends.

Christopher-John is fifteen, strong yet reserved as he has always been, even as a young child. Christopher-John has a "keen ear," and is perceptive and cautious, tending to believe that the best way to stay out of trouble is to avoid it altogether.

The youngest Logan child, Little Man, is fourteen now. His real name is Clayton Chester, and as he grows older, he insists more and more on being called by his real name. Little Man is a handsome boy, slightly built, "with reddish-pecan brown skin...and Indian-like hair combed straight back." Ever fastidious, he takes great care to look neat and "cool" at all times (Chapter 1).

hootiesamantha | Student

Cassie is 17 christopher John logan is 15

Little man is 14 Stacey is 20

Harris Mitchum is 17 Moe Turner is 20

Jeremy Simms is 20 Little Willie Wiggins is 20

Sissy Micthum is 17 Oliver is 21


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