In the book Profiles in Courage by John F Kennedy, what is the introduction by Caroline Kennedy exactly about?

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Profiles in Courage was originally published in 1956 while Kennedy recuperated from a difficult spinal surgery. Biographical history and the courageous acts of single individuals were two of Kennedy's academic and personal passions. To inspire himself, one can only suppose, while he fought back against pain and debility, and to offer inspiration to others, Kennedy wrote about some singular historical instances of courage. Kennedy was in the U.S. Senate at the time of the surgery and was particularly interested in "men of courage" in the Senate. It seems the compelling question driving his writing was: "Does it mean, then, that the Senate can no longer boast of men of courage?" Kennedy's aim was to reveal men of courage from history, like John Quincey Adams and George Norris, and to provide models for "men of courage" in the then present age (I'm sure today Kennedy would have written of "men and women of courage").

Following the world altering events of September 11, 2003, when New York was...

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