In the book October Sky on page 143 Sonny states that “Jake was to become important to the BCMA.” Why/how do you think that will happen? Cite evidence.

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teachsuccess eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hello! You asked about the novel 'October Sky' by Homer Hickam. Jake does become important to the BCMA as the chapter on Jake Mosby states.

As a young engineer sent down to Coalwood by the Ohio mill, Jake Mosby's boss is Homer Hickam, the mine superintendent. Homer Hickam is also the narrator's father. In due time, Jake introduces the BCMA to Basil Oglethorpe, who is the editor-in-chief and features writer of the McDowell County Banner. Through his writing, Basil gives the BCMA some much needed publicity for their rocket launching efforts. It is not long before people hear about the BCMA and come out to watch the boys launch their rockets.

The response from his articles had been so great he had decided to make us a regular feature. Watching us were about fifty spectators, attracted by his articles and our notices.

By the end of Chapter 9, Jake has shared his telescope with the boys so that they can see the planets and stars in the sky. He also gives them his old trigonometry book so that they can find out how high their rockets are launching. In Chapter 20 (pp 311), Jake covers BCMA's debts after making a deal with the boys: they would wash and wax his Corvette indefinitely in exchange for his generosity.

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