In  A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly, how did the main character Mattie Gokey grow as a person?

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The blending of fact and fiction is the basis for the novel A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly.  Set near the Adirondack Mountains, the story takes on the enormous task of telling two stories at the same time.  Donnelly intrigued by the actual murder of Grace Brown, an unmarried pregnant girl, by her lover Chester Gillette,  encompasses the life of the fictional character Mattie Gokey.

As the protagonist,  Mattie is a superb fictional character. Her value system and pride in her work come from her mother who passed away a year before the beginning of the novel. The story is told through  Mattie's eyes  as she tries to be everything to everyone around her.  In search of an education which will provide options for her future, she struggles with promises that she made to her mother and the desires she keeps safely guarded within her own heart.

Mattie has faced so many difficult junctures in her life: nursing her cancer ridden mother unto her death; taking the responsibility of her...

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