In No Talking, who were Christina Farley and Katie Edison?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Once Dave and Lynsey start their competition, it does not take long for the entire fifth grade to get involved.  The "boy vs. girl" rivalry is a motivating factor.  However, Clements also shows that many of the students were simply intrigued with the idea of doing something so fundamentally different from what they had originally believed.  Taking the vow of silence was antithetical to how they lived their lives.  Being able undertake this was a point of attraction for many.  The competition is shown to effect many aspects of the kids' lives.

Two girls who involved themselves in the competition like so many others in the fifth grade were Christina Farley and Katie Edison. Christina was one example of a student who cost their team points by talking In criticizing Rachel through speaking, the girls end up losing points.  At the same time. Katie Edison recognizes that the competition can help her own personal agenda. Katie has a crush on Jeremy.  In planting a kiss on him, she figures to get him talking through the element of surprise, which would cost his team points.  She also is able to advance her own personal agenda of approaching a boy that she likes.  This is where her own motives combine with that of the "No Talking" competition.  Both characters display the wide and reaching effect of the game, and its transformative capacity that captures the imagination of both student and adult alike.