In the book Night how do the Jews of Sighet react to the warning of Moshe the Beadle and Madame Schachter?

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When Moishe the Beadle survives the Nazi atrocities in the Galician forest, he travels back to the town of Sighet, where he informs his Jewish neighbors about the Nazi atrocities and begs them to immediately flee the town before the Nazi troops arrive. Being that Moishe the Beadle is a foreign Jew, who is homeless and lives in poverty, the Jewish citizens of Sighet do not believe anything he says and simply dismiss his warnings. They do not fear that the Nazis will invade their town or commit the atrocities that Moishe the Beadle claims he witnessed in Polish territory.

During the rough journey to Auschwitz, Elie witnesses a hysterical woman named Mrs. Schächter begin to hallucinate in the cattle cars and yell, "Fire! I see a fire! I see a fire!" (Wiesel, 24). Her screams disturb and initially worry the Jewish passengers, who believe that she has simply lost her mind. However, Mrs. Schächter continues to warn the passengers of the huge flames that she is seeing and they eventually bound and gag her in order to make her stop screaming. When the Jewish passengers arrive at Auschwitz, they witness the massive flames of the crematorium and realize that Mrs. Schächter's hallucinations were prophetic. Overall, the Jews of Sighet ignore both Moishe the Beadle and Mrs. Schächter's warnings regarding the Nazi atrocities.

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The warnings of both Moshe the Beadle and Madame Schachter are ignored by the Jews of Sighet. Perhaps it is because neither character is really a highly respected member of society. Moshe's warning comes first. After he is taken away with the rest of the foreign Jews, he returns and tries to warn the citizens of Sighet about their upcoming destruction. However, he is a poor Jew and most of the town ignores him until he simply stops telling his story. Madame Schachter begins to scream about her visions of fire when the Germans pack the citizens of Sighet on a train. However, the Jews in the rail cars simply think she is insane and try to quiet her down. They do not realize that both Moshe and Madame Sighet had predicted their fate until they get to Birkenau, the first concentration camp on their nightmare of "Night".

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