In Night by Elie Wiesel, how had Eliezer changed in a short amount of time?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One way in which Eliezer had changed in such a short period of time can be seen in his faith in the divine.  At the start of the narrative, Eliezer weeps when he prays because of his own sense of wonderment regarding the divine.  He seeks to understand more of divine ways and his closeness with Moshe the Beadle is rooted in this striving to understand and embrace God closer.  Eliezer is devoutly religious, a student of the divine.  Yet, once Eliezer enters Birkenau, his faith begins to erode quickly.  Seeing the incinerated bodies of children, the endless parade of death all around him, and the severance of bonds that he experiences both in a general sense as a person of the Jewish faith and on a particular level in the separation from his family and community help to transform him very quickly. By the time Eliezer has entered the work camp Buna, he has boldly renounced God.  He curses God in an infinite manner for the suffering he has endured and witnessed.  Eliezer believes God to be silent, sitting on the sidelines while millions are killed and more are tortured in their experiences.  Such a transformation is one way in which Eliezer has changed in a short amount of time.