In the book My Side of the Mountain, who is Tom Sidler, and how does Sam meet him?

Expert Answers
chsmith1957 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Sam first encounters this man in the 16th chapter, titled “In Which Trouble Begins.” Sam seems to long for some human contact, so he goes into town on a Sunday. Because the library is closed, he goes instead into a store. Here he is confronted by a young man wearing a nice shirt and good pair of pants, along with a leather jacket. Sam is wearing his homemade buckskin clothing. The man calls him “Daniel Boone.” Sam thinks of the other guy as “Mr. Jacket.” They have an uneasy conversation. Sam perhaps reveals more information about himself than he should. Because of this visit into town, “sightings” of him will begin to appear in the local newspapers. Later, in the 21st chapter, titled “In Which I Cooperate with the Ending,” Mr. Jacket comes up the mountain to find Sam. This is when we all learn that his real name is Tom Sidler. Tom helps Sam catch a turtle to make soup, and then he stays overnight in the guest tree. The two become friends. Tom begins to visit Sam every weekend. Society is suddenly coming to Sam’s one-time space of solitude.

osuvball | Student

Tom Sidler is Mr. Jacket who is the guy Sam met when he was in the town. Tom also decided to call Sam Daniel Boone.

piepiepiepiepie | Student

he is that one guy