In the book Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder, what were Paul Farmer's methods to treat Tuberculosis?

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lhc eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Paul Farmer's pioneering work in the field of global health, focusing on the problems of the world's poorest people, has included some groundbreaking work in the treatment of tuberculosis, a disease which is easily transmittable, and highly resistant to multiple antibiotics.  When one is working with tuberculosis, one is also dealing by extension with HIV and AIDS, because the two diseases feed on each other; developing one makes it more likely that the other one will follow.  Each disease works to set up a friendly environment for infection by the other.  Farmer's work has involved eschewing the traditional antibiotic treatments which serve to create more resistance with every dose, and instead developing therapies and protocols that utilize second-line antiretrovirals dispensed in combinations of seven or eight at a time.  His cure rates at Zanmi Lasante, in Cange, Haiti, have been known to rival those in the United States. 

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