In the book Milkweed what were Misha’s leadership qualities?

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Misha is the book's protagonist, and readers are introduced to him being called "Stopthief." He's an orphan with little education, and he's not a typical big, strong, handsome protagonist type. He's an underdog trying to survive. Those aren't necessarily leadership qualities, yet Misha definitely has traits that are quite effective for leading. First, Misha doesn't understand the concept of giving up. He will do what needs to be done in order to survive and/or ensure the survival of those close to him. He's selfless and puts himself in danger. He's simply not willing to let someone else take a risk that he himself isn't willing to take. That's an admirable quality and a good trait for a leader to have. Finally, Misha adapts to changing situations. He doesn't sit back and complain about his present state. He simply works hard and tries to make the best of any given situation:

When the whole world turned crazy, I was ready for it. That's how I survived.

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