In chapter 11 of the book Lyddie, why is it different for her in the summer?  

Expert Answers
sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Summer is different in two ways for Lyddie.  First, there are fewer people around her.  Many of the the girls that work with Lyddie in the factory use the summer time to take time off and visit their families.  Lyddie has two feelings about this.  One, Lyddie is saddened by the fact that she cannot do the same thing.   I'm sure it had to be a bit lonely for her too.  I went to college a long way from home, and the dorm would clear out for certain holidays.  I didn't have family that lived close, so sometimes I would spend that holiday in the dorms.  There were always a few other people around, but the place felt lonely nonetheless.  Lyddie feels the same way.  The second feeling that Lyddie has about the lack of people around is determination.  With fewer girls working in the mills, Lyddie has the potential to earn extra money.  

The second main summer difference for Lyddie is an emotional/mental difference.  Lyddie is discovering that she has a hunger for reading and learning.  She spends much of the summer improving her literary skills so that she can buy and read her own copy of Oliver Twist.