In the book Lyddie by Katherine Paterson Chapter 15, they say that Brigid is slowing down at work. What is the reason that this is happening to Brigid?

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teachsuccess eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 15, Mr. Marsden, the overseer, complains to Lyddie that Brigid is too slow in her work. He tells Lyddie that she must make clear to Brigid that she will lose her job if she doesn't pick up her pace at the looms.

Lyddie tries to warn Brigid, but the young Irish girl seems too upset to take much notice. However, she perks up when Lyddie offers to work on five looms together with her, for a few days. With Lyddie's help, Brigid improves slightly. However, she eventually starts to slow down again. When Brigid almost ruins a piece due to her inattentiveness, Lyddie yells out in frustration at the quivering girl. Brigid finally admits that she is worried about her mother, who is very sick. She also confesses that her worries stem from the fact that they have no money to take her mother to the doctor.

Upon hearing this, Lyddie gives Brigid some money to take her sick mother to the doctor. Brigid is so grateful for this gift that her work steadily improves.

She beat Lyddie to work in the mornings and had two of the machines oiled and gleaming before Lyddie even entered the room.