In The Lord of the Flies, what does Ralph think has caused things to break apart? What does he suggest they do about it?

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kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter eight, when Ralph declares that they are "beaten," it is clear that he feels that they can no longer handle things the way he wants to. He still wants to have a signal fire but has no idea how they can keep it up with the loss of Jack and his hunters. He knows as well that he enjoyed the hunt and it troubles him. He feels that his inability to think like an adult has led to the troubles and their inability to work together.

Once they go to Jack's party and participate in the game of pretending a boy is the beast, things are really beginning to fall apart. Then Simon stumbles out of the woods and with his brutal murder anarchy truly takes over and Jack's power is assured.

Along the way there were several things that Ralph suggested they do to move back down the path to an organized and civilized manner on the island. He talks about blowing the conch to signal a meeting but Jack quickly points out that no one will come and that the boys are sick of meetings.

At one point Ralph also suggests that they go and meet with Jack and talk to him about the importance of a signal fire but once they get together it is clear that Ralph lacks the ability to convince Jack of anything.

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