In the book "Lord of The Flies" how does Ralph show resilience? 

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In Lord of the Flies, British school boys are marooned on an uninhabited island as a result of war. Two boys emerge from the wreckage of a plane that carried them and was shot down. The two boys are identified as Ralph and Piggy. Ralph goes ahead to become the leader of the group comprising of other children who later emerge from the wreckage. While in the jungle the boys hunt and establish their shelters and a signal fire. Rifts within the group emerge when Jack, the leader of the hunting group rebels against Ralph’s authority. The group splits and turn on each other, resulting in the death of Piggy who is killed by Jack’s group.

Ralph displays resilience when he continues his pursuit to view the body of the dead paratrooper he thought was the beast haunting the younger boys. He also attempts to resist Jack's attempts to destroy the order and civility established by his authority. Ralph at one point fights a wild boar and runs from the hunters until they are all saved by the navy. Ralph is also brave as seen when he goes to take back Piggy’s glasses that were forcefully acquired by Jack.

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