In the book To Kill A Mockingbird, who mended Jem's pants and why?

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The reader is left to assume that Arthur "Boo" Radley mended Jem's pants.  The children had been sneaking around his yard and house, trying to sneak a peak at Boo, and when they run away, Jem's pants get stuck in the Radley fence.  While Nathan Radley responds with a shot gun, it seems Boo responds by watching the kids from a window and seeing what has happened.

In an act of compassion for Jem, Boo goes out to the fence, untangles the pants, and sews them up.  When Jem finds them, they are folded and mended - though not neatly, as a practiced seamstress might have sewn them.  He keeps this fact to himself for a while, apparently mulling it over and trying to make sense of it, before finally sharing the information with Scout.

Slowly, Jem is realizing that Boo is not the monster he has been made out to be.  He has proven himself to be kind and gentle now on several occasions; besides mending Jem's pants, he has left the children various gifts in the tree, including hand-carved soap figures, and he put the blanket around Scout during the fire.  Ultimately, Boo proves himself heroic in his care and concern for the children when he saves their lives after they are attacked by Bob Ewell.


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