In the book To Kill a Mockingbird, what chapter would you like to change and why? 

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price7781 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is an interesting question, and the answer depends on how you feel about the book in general.  Did you find the plot interesting?  Did you understand the author's motive or purpose in including themes and symbols? Did you like the characters?  Did you learn anything from the book?

Here are some ideas to think about, but remember that anything you would change could make To Kill a Mockingbird a different story with perhaps different meanings.  Maybe that's okay for this assignment.

  • Were you disappointed that Tom Robinson was found guilty despite Atticus's wonderful defense?  Is that something you would change?
  • Did you like Boo Radley's role in the novel?  Was the way he was treated by his father and town justified? Would you like to have Boo show up more in the novel?
  • Do you wish Mayella Ewell would have confessed to lying about Tom?
  • Are you upset that Tom was killed?
  • Could you safely omit characters like Mrs. Dubose, Dill, or Miss Maudie?
  • Would you make any characters different?  Could Scout be kinder in parts of the book?  Should Atticus have been stricter?

I hope this helps you pinpoint a scene from the book to think about changing and why you would change it.  You need to think about keeping the integrity of the book intact, however.  Be careful about eliminating important characters and integral scenes or changing something so drastically that the book becomes a different book.  I do, however, think there are a lot of places in the novel where adding events could make the book more entertaining.

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