In the book The Invisible Man, Mrs. Hall of Iping is quite a formidable creature. Do you agree? Give a character sketch of Mrs. Hall as she is depicted in the story. 

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In The Invisible Man, Janny and George Hall run the Coach and Horses Inn. George is a devoted man, devoted to his love of drink and the delusion that the inn benefits greatly from his presence. Mrs. Hall, appears to be a formidable creature, due to the responsibilities laid upon her. For it is truly she who runs the inn.  She is responsible for the care and feeding of her tenants.  She must keep the serving girl, Millie, from becoming derelict in her duties.  When George's actions call his intelligence into question, she is the one that must set things right.  And, as it so happens, should a tenant try to "skip out on" their monetary obligations, Janny Hall is the one depended upon to set things right.

Mrs. Hall is a rather ordinary woman.  Her pragmatic nature leads her to develop what some may term some harsh qualities. 

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