The House on Mango Street Questions and Answers
by Sandra Cisneros

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In The House On Mango Street what is the lesson Esperanza must learn?

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At the beginning of The House on Mango Street, Esperanza describes the apartment that she and her family lived in compared to the new house they move into. She is so excited to move into a house separated from other neighbors' living spaces because then she won't hear their fighting or their music. Finally, she can experience what it is like to have peace and quiet. Esperanza also believes that moving to a house means that they won't have plumbing problems like they did in their apartment. Thus, moving to a house seems to be a dream come true for the young teen; however, she quickly becomes disappointed.

The house offers her a physical separation from apartment living, but she discovers that she must still deal with many of the same difficulties that are associated with living in poverty. For example, the house is so small that she has to sleep with her sister and parents because the house only has one bedroom. From this point forward, Esperanza dreams of a house of her own. When she...

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