The Hero and the Crown

by Robin McKinley

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What is the summary of The Hero and the Crown?

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The summary of The Hero and the Crown begins in Damar with the heroine Aerin. She is the Kings daughter and her mother is said to have been a witch-woman from the North. But Damar is a land where magic is appreciated. Aerin discovers an ointment that gives har protection from the injuries caused by dragon fire and proceeds to rid the village and countryside of the small dragons that are causing trouble for the villagers and peasants. Her deeds earn her praise and respect, although it may be reluctantly given because she has an appearance that is uncharacteristic to Damar and she is slow in manifesting the Gift of psychic powers that is the hallmark of Damar's royalty.

Aerin's courage with the small dragons releases the return of the fierce Black Dragon called Maur. Aerin conquers Maur but is badly injured by dragon fire and in a dream is directed to seek out the healing wizard Luthe in a land beyond Damar. Luthe heals her and teaches about her family, her Gift and her powers. After giving her the sword of Gonthuran, he sends her strong and able back to Damar to win the raging battle against her ambitious uncle, the wizard Agsded, who is the cause of all the dragon and other trouble in Damar. Aerin conquers Agsded and, while she's at it, her fear of love, then takes the throne as the Queen of Damar with her husband Tor at her side.

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