The Help Questions and Answers
by Kathryn Stockett

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For the book The Help, what is a one-paragraph summary of  Chapter 27?

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A lot happens here, as many threads of the story reach their tipping points. The chapter is told by Miss Skeeter, beginning on December 2. She learns that the publisher’s deadline for the manuscript is December 21, and not in January, as she had thought. And the editor wants to include Constantine’s story. Skeeter and Aibileen will have to hustle to get the work done. They decide on “Help” as the title. Aibileen finally shares Constantine’s history and fate with Skeeter. And after some discussion and thought, they decide to include Minny’s “Terrible Awful” story in the book, for insurance purposes against Hilly Holbrook’s retribution. In the meantime, Skeeter loses her newsletter position with the Jackson Junior League, due mostly to her disintegrating relationship with Hilly. Stuart visits Longleaf, and Skeeter asks him to leave. She confronts her own mother about firing Constantine. Now that she knows all sides of that situation, she can write about it. Skeeter works diligently and takes the finished manuscript to the post office, only to get there after the truck has left for the day. She hopes it reaches the publisher in time. 

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