Night Questions and Answers
by Elie Wiesel

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Can you give me a few examples about the theme of frienship as presented in Night?  just like his friendship with Juliek the French? 

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Friendship in Night represents a desparate attempt to maintain some connection with life before the war, when people cared for each other instead needing to devote all their thought and energy into attempting to keep oneself alive.

In the factory while Elie was at Buma, he makes friends with Czechoslovakian brothers Yossi and Tibi. The three boys help each other keep their spirits up by thinking of other places, looking forward to a future when they would be able to get away from the horror that surrounded them to the Jewish Promised Land.

we would sometimes hum melodies evoking the gentle waters of the Jordan River andd the majestic sanctity of Jerusalem. We also spoke often about Palestine...We decided that if we were allowed to live until the Liberation, we would not stay another day in Europe. We would board the first ship to Haifa.

Elie's friendship with Juliek gives him more opportunities to recognize how his life has changed, to remember and mourn what was past. Juliek's music brought forth the memories that had to remain buried most of the time if the prisoners wanted to keep their focus on the present and survival.

I shall never forget Juliek. How could I forget this concert given before an audience of the dead and dying? Even today, when I hear that particular piece by Beethoven, my eyes close and out of the darkness emerges the pale and melancholy face of my Polish comrade bidding farewell to an audience of dying men.

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