In the book Hard Times by Charles Dickens, who asked whom to come peep at the circus?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

We are given the answer to this question in Chapter Three in the First Book of this excellent novel. It is in this section that Mr. Gradgrind goes to speak to Sissy Jupe's father, who lives and works at the circus, and stumbles upon his two children in the audience. Two Mr. Gradgrind, the fact that his children would want to go and see the circus and indulge in fantasy and not in fact is an anathema to him:

"You! Thomas and you, to whom the circle of the sciences is open; Thomas and you, who may be said to be replete with facts. Thomas and you, who have been trained to mathematical exactness; Thomas and you , here!" cried Mr. Gradgrind. "In this degraded position! I am amazed."

However, as Louisa confesses, it was her who brought Tom because it was she who asked him to accompany her. Louisa's father calls her "childish" because of her curiosity and is disappointed in both of them, because for him, this represents a failure in his educational philosophy of facts and utilitarianism, which has no room the delights and fancy of a circus.