Guns, Germs, and Steel Questions and Answers
by Jared Diamond

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Are the sources used to support Diamond's argument in Guns, Germs, and Steel valid?

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Yes, his sources are valid. Diamond cites scholarly journals and books published by university presses. He includes a thirty-page "further reading" section at the back of the book to point readers to each of his sources and invite anyone to track his sources to challenge or verify his conclusions. He also includes a section in the book where he presents major counterarguments and openly discusses topics beyond the scope of his book that could be investigated further. These are just a few examples of the extreme thoroughness that characterizes Diamond's scholarly style.

When answering this question, it might be worth it to review what makes a source valid. When evaluating scholarly sources, it's important to consider when the book or journal article was published (if it is too old, newer research on the topic may have rendered it invalid), who published the source, and whether the publisher has any known bias. If you want to review what makes a source valid, a good resource from the...

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