What is the setting, conflict and complication? 

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ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The diary format of Go Ask Alice highlights the drug and sex focused culture of the late 1960s. The baby-boomers of the 1960s had easier access to drugs and birth control and an unpopular war in Vietnam divided society along generational lines between the powerful establishment of old, white men and the younger counterculture.

Alice diary reflects her experiences and feelings as she feels caught between both philosophies. She has traditional dreams such as marriage, but she also resents the society that makes it so easy for minors to obtain illicit drugs. She documents her drug experimentation, but she mentions very little of the other cultural phenomena such as the music makers like the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin and others. The war is barely acknowledged, and the political rallies seem more a means of giving people an excuse to get stoned rather than making a statement.

wesbird1 | Student

The girl who wrote this "diary" lived in two different worlds, the real world and a fantasy world. The real world encompasses her home with her parents, her home with her grandmother, the homes of parties she attends with her friends, the streets of San Francisco and Berkeley, and eventually, a psychiatric hospital ward. The fantasy world encompasses all she sees and believes in her hallucinations. The girl thinks and acts differently when she resides in each place. At the beginning of the book, the girl lives in the real world, and she is unhappy there.

wesbird1 | Student

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