In the book The Giver how do Jonas and Gabe finally get to safety?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jonas is able to get the infant Gabriel and himself to the safety of a village outside the community where Sameness is the creed through the powers of his inner strength and, ironically, with the memories provided him by the Giver, and, most importantly, a memory that is his own.

At first, he must hide with Gabriel from the planes that fly so low he can almost see the pilots' faces; fortunately, these pilots are color-blind, too, so hiding from them is easier than if they could perceive color. Amidst his fears, Jonas delights in the wondrous sights he experiences:  birds soaring overhead, deer, wildflowers, wind shifting through the trees. Against Jonas's terror that he and Gabriel will starve,

[H]e tries to use the flagging power of his memory to recreate meals, and does manage brief tantalizing fragments...

But, he is still left with gnawing hunger, and riding his bicycle becomes a veritable struggle.Finally, as they both suffer from starvation, Jonas feels that Elsewhere is close to them. To prevent Gabriel from freezing to death, he places the child inside his tunic and wraps the meager blanket around them both. As they grow colder, Johans conjures the memory of sunshine and sends warmth through both his body and that of Gabriel who touches him.  However, the memory fades and they are again cold. Still, Jonas perseveres even though he stumbles in the snow. Then, he finds the "sled that was waiting for them at the top of the hill." There is a sense of deja vu in Jonas; he has "a memory of his own" about this place called Elsewhere. He recognizes the Elsewhere that will be "part of their future and their past."