Please help me formulate some good question for chapters 1-3.  

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scottgill eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Giver is a great story to think through when we encounter people who promise a utopian type of life-- in reality, a perfect world cannot be created by human hands no matter how sincere people may be.

Here are some questions:

In chapter one you can compare and contrast the typical/traditional family dinner time with the evening telling of feelings.

In chapter two you can predict what Jonas' assignment will be.

In chapter three you can speculate why the community gets upset when people have lighter colored eyes.

There are three questions there, one at least a level three that can help you get to thinking in the book.

soccergrl17 | Student

ch 1: why does the community have to apologize, even if it is not sincere?

Are the enforced rules there to prevent individuality?

ch 2: Is it okay for jonas' dad to break the rules, to make something better?

Should jonas be worried if people focus on him more?

ch 3:

should jonas' differences ber punishable?

soccergrl17 | Student

do you have any ideas for the other chapters?

lol1234 | Student

In The Giver, by lois lowry i need 2 level 2 questions for each chapter through chapter 3! any help is great!!! :)

thank you so much