In Gathering Blue, what is an example of a simile and a metaphor? Also, what is the theme of the book?

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In the book Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry, one simile that is contained in chapter one is when Kira tells Matt she has watched her mother's spirit leave her body. She says:

"My mother's spirit has gone," she acknowledged. "I watched it leave her body. It was like mist. It drifted away."

This simile compares the image of Kira's mother's spirit to a mist. It gives readers a visual idea of what a spirit looks like.

Another simile occurs on page 22 of the edition of the book I'm using. Here it is: "Her stick thumped on the wooden floor, and the foot of her flawed leg brushed the boards with a sweeping sound as if she dragged a broom." Here, the sound of Kira's foot is described as sounding like a broom. Again, it offers the reader a sensory explanation of what her foot sounded like as she walked.

An example of a metaphor from the book occurs on page 159 in the edition I'm working with. Kira and Thomas are traveling in the Fen, and Kira asks why it has to be so horrible. Thomas replies that it has...

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