In the book "Games at Twilight", what details do you notice that show this story is not taking place in the United States? Is Ravi’s experience unique to his culture?

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"Games at Twilight" is a short story written by Anita Desai and published in 1978. While the setting in terms of a country is not specifically given to readers, the text does give readers enough information for a reader to confidently assume that the events in the story are not taking place in the United States. The opening lines of the story tell readers that the children have all had their afternoon tea. That is not a typical American activity. Another hint comes in the second paragraph. We are told that the children beg to play out in the "veranda and porch." Houses in the United States can have those things, but they aren't common for much of the country. Additionally that phrasing isn't common among children from the United States. None of that is definitive proof, but paragraph four finally gives readers a very specific item that likely places the story in India.

"No—we won’t, we won’t,'' they wailed so...

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