In the book "Frindle" what is the setting?

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The predominant setting of Clements' novel is the confines of Granger's fifth grade classroom.  Most of the rising action takes place here, as Nick seeks to undermine her overriding sense of control.  We are able to deduce that the setting of Lincoln Elementary is a typical suburban grade school with typical conceptions of primary grade level teachers that Nick has success subverting. The geographical setting of Westfield, New Hampshire helps to fuel some of Nick's rebellion, such as transforming his first grade class into a tropical island during New Hampshire Winter.   His challenge is Granger, whose reputation precedes her.  Their battleground is set against the backdrop of language and power, with the element of who and what controls both.  In some senses, Granger's reputation and her legendary setting make her part of the setting, as most everyone in the small town has had her and understands her passion for language and order in the classroom.

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