In the book For One More Day by Mitch Albom, what is the theme and what are some hardships the main character goes through?

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Chick has an extremely hard life in For One More Day. His father abandons him when he's only 11, his mother dies, and he becomes an alcoholic. His career fails, his marriage fails, and he ultimately decides to commit suicide. This is when he wakes up and gets to spend one more day with his deceased mother.

One of the major themes in the book is the redemptive power of love. Many of Chick's problems stem from feeling alone and unloved. Once his father abandoned him, he was unable to see the sacrifices and choices his mother made to take care of him. Instead, he isolated himself. He wasn't able to connect to his wife or daughter.

Witnessing everything his mother did out of love changes Chick when he wakes up and is brought back to life. He recognizes that he isn't alone. He sees that love is the one thing that can cross any barrier and fix any problem. He doesn't have to be a big-time baseball player to have a family who loves him; his father's weakness doesn't define him.

He is redeemed...

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