In the book Fahrenheit 451 what are some of the events and who are some of the people that help Montag in the recognition of his dilemma?

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Doug Stuva eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In addition to the above, the following also influence Montag to recognize the state of his existence.

  • The mechanical hound scares Montag when it reacts to him at the fire station.  This incident haunts him.  There is something not right about the hound, its programming, and its uses.
  • The first meeting with Faber, before the novel opens.  This is possibly the event that leads Montag to  horde books in the time leading up to the novel.
  • The second meeting with Faber.  This solidifies his reservations about himself and his society.
  • Concerning Clarisse, the dandelion test.  This gets him questioning the nature of his relationship with his wife.

Of course, one of the aspects of his society that leads him to his discoveries is not an event or person, just a source of entertainment:  the three walls of television.  The mindless, idiotic programming would push anybody with a brain toward rebellion and self-discovery.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I will list a few of these:

  • Montag meeting Clarisse mattered a lot.  She got him to thinking about the nature of their society, what he felt, what he valued, etc.
  • The burning of the old lady.  When she killed herself rather than allow her books to be burned, she made him think about the value of books.
  • Millie's near-death.  This made him think about how empty her life was.  When he realizes how empty she is, he wonders more about their society.

To me, these are the main events and people who get Montag to start thinking.

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