In the Fahrenheit 451, what is the quote that the woman at 11 Elm recite, and to what does the quote refer?

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Mrs. Blake at 11 No. Elm, City, E.B. has a house filled with books. When the firemen arrive they knock down doors and a "fountain of books" springs down upon them. For some reason, Mrs. Blake is yet in the house whereas usually the owner is removed with taped mouth and only the books are assaulted. But this time the woman kneels, touching the gilt titles fondly with her fingers as her eyes accuse Montag.

"You can't ever have my books," she tells the firemen. But Beatty shouts at her to "Snap out of it!" saying that none of the books agree with the others and she has lived in a Tower of Babel. Nevertheless, Mrs. Baker refuses to leave; instead, she lights a kitchen match and the house explodes. However, before she dies, Montag hears Mrs. Baker say something about "Master Ridley." Montag asks Beatty what she meant by "Play the man, Master Ridley...." Beatty repeats the quote,

"We shall this day light such a candle, by God's grace in England, as I trust shall never be put out." 

On October 16, 1555, a man named Hugh Latimer, a former Bishop of Worcester, was burned at the stake because he preached the Protestant faith during the reign of Queen Mary, who was Roman Catholic. His last words were spoken to Nicholas Ridley, who had been Bishop of London and a supporter of the attempt to make Lady Jane Grey queen instead of "Bloody Mary"; After Mary became queen, he was arrested for treason. For nearly a year, the two men shared a cell in the Tower of London along with Anglicans Archbishop Cranmer and a well-know preacher John Bradford, also imprisoned by Mary Tudor for refusing to give up Protestantism.

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