Fahrenheit 451 Questions and Answers
by Ray Bradbury

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In the book Fahrenheit 451 what does Faber advise Montag to do?

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Faber is suspicious when Montag comes to call at his home. He does not want to hear Montag's plan and interrupts him by suggesting his own plan of subverting the firemen themselves. He says:

The only way I could possibly listen to you would be if somehow the fireman structure itself could be burnt. Now if you suggest that we print extra books and arrange to have them hidden in firemen's houses all over the country, so that seeds of suspicion would be sown among these arsonists, bravo, I'd say!

When Montag immediately embraces this plan, Faber backs off and says that he was only joking. Montag, however, persists. He says he will support the plan if Faber really thinks it will work. Because Faber sees that Montag is earnest in wanting to do what he can to fight the system, he reveals that he is enthusiastic about the idea of fighting the firemen:

"It's an insidious plan, if I do say so myself." Faber glanced nervously at his bedroom door. "To see the firehouses burn across the land, destroyed as hotbeds of treason. The salamander devours his tail! Ho, God!"

He then hesitates again, saying such a plan is foolish. However, after Montag starts to destroy a Bible, he agrees to back him up rather than see more books perish. This time he suggests that Montag wear the Seashell transmitter in his ear so that he can advise Montag from afar.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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Since you have tagged this with "after Montag arrives at Faber's house" I'll talk about that part of the book.

Faber starts off by telling Montag that just books are not enough.  He says that people need books (good books).  But they also need the time to read them and the right to act on the ideas they get from the books.  He says that their society is so messed up that just planting books in firemen's houses won't do much.

So he suggests that Montag should wait until war destroys the society they live in.  Maybe then they can build it back in a better way.  In the meantime, Montag should wear the "bullet" so Faber can help him out (especially when he has to deal with Beatty).

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