In the book The Egypt Game, what are some similarities that April and Melanie share?  

Expert Answers
rmhope eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Although April and Melanie have different backgrounds, they have some things in common that help them forge a strong friendship. They are the same age, live in the same apartment building, and go to the same school. However, the most important similarity they share is that they both have strong imaginations and like immersing themselves in a world of make-believe. While some girls their age would have looked down on Melanie's paper-doll family game, April is able to engage in it with Melanie. Both of them are in sync when they play the Egypt game. They build on each other's ideas and are able to cooperate and not compete with each other. They are also in agreement on many things, including whom they should allow to join the game. They have similar attitudes about boys; in general, they don't want to hang out with boys, but they find Ken and Toby funny and interesting. April and Melanie become close friends because they enjoy a style of play that relies on active imagination and the ability to lose themselves within a make-believe world.