The Egypt Game Questions and Answers
by Zilpha Keatley Snyder

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In the book "The Egypt Game," what are the rising and falling action? I am working on a plot line, and there was so much that was rising and falling! It was a great book!

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The Egypt Game follows the story of Melanie Ross and April Hall, along with several other neighborhood children. They begin to play a game about the Egyptians in the Professor's backyard. While there are many rises and falls within the plot, there is an obvious rising action, climax, and falling action within the story. The rising action of a story is when excitement builds, the conflict increases, and suspense rises. In The Egypt Game, the rising action is when the boys join the game. Additionally, the rising action includes when the questions written in the oracle are mysteriously answered. The final aspect of the rising action is when it is discovered that a murdered in town has taken the lives of two children. The climax of a story is the point where the plot reaches a turning point. In The Egypt Game, this is when April is attacked by the serial killer. The falling action of a story is characterized by the resolution of the climax and by the wrapping up of loose ends. In The Egypt Game, the falling action is when the serial killer is captured, April and Marshall escape with their lives, and the professor is cleared of blame. The children find out that the professor has been watching their game all along, and receive keys to the gate.

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