In the book Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl why is Mrs Van Daan's coat special? What does Anne give to Mr Van Daan for Hanukkah?

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Mrs. van Daam's coat is made of rabbit's fur and is nearly seventeen years old. They sold it to a furrier for 325 guilders which was a fortune. Mrs. van Damm wanted to keep the money for herself for clothes after the war. As far as I can tell, Anne never gave Dussel anything for Hanukkah with the exception of poems that were written for each resident of the Secret Annex and hidden in their shoes. Anne did get her first St. Nicholas's Day present which was a cake from the office workers downstairs made for all of the hidden residents.

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mrs. van daans coat is special because her father gave it to her 1 year before he died. it was very expensive.

anne gives a pack of ciggerates to mr. van daan for hanukkah