In the play "The Crucible," what character was known for their charity?

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The most prominent character in the play known for her charity is Rebecca Nurse. She is recognized as a morally-upright woman and notable Christian, who has raised eleven children and is opposed to the witch hunt when Reverend Hale first arrives at Salem. Rebecca illustrates her charity by showing concern for Betty's health, encouraging John Proctor not to quarrel with Reverend Parris, and warning the citizens about searching for signs of witchcraft. Miller writes that "gentleness exudes from her" and Rebecca Nurse's charity is well-known outside of Salem's community, which is revealed when Reverend Hale tells her, "it’s strange how I knew you, but I suppose you look as such a good soul should. We have all heard of your great charities in Beverly" (Miller, 37).

The local citizens also sign a petition testifying to Rebecca Nurse's flawless reputation as a morally-upright, selfless woman. After she is arrested and accused of witchcraft, Rebecca's husband attempts to defend her reputation and speaks to her charitable personality by telling Reverend Hale, "my wife is the very brick and mortar of the church..." (Miller, 72). Despite her arrest and difficult situation, Rebecca Nurse remains resolute and faithful by refusing to offer a false confession. She ends up becoming a martyr alongside John Proctor as they publicly hang from the gallows. In addition to Rebecca Nurse, Martha Corey and Francis Nurse are also depicted as charitable citizens.

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There are a few characters in Arthur Miller's play, "The Crucible," who can be considered charitable.

Frances Nurse- Frances Nurse, prior to the accusations of witchcraft against his wife, is considered a well-respected, kind, and charitable man. Nurse, in essence, does nothing to have accusations made against his family.

Rebecca Nurse- Rebecca Nurse, much like her husband (Frances Nurse), is a respected elder of the village of Salem. Like her husband, she is loving, kind and charitable. The mother of eleven children, Goody Nurse proves to be a good person.

Elizabeth Proctor- The wife of John, Goody Proctor can be considered one of the most charitable characters in the play. She forgives her husband for his infidelity and defends the accusations made against up-right villagers.

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