In the play "The Crucible," what character was known for their charity?

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There are a few characters in Arthur Miller's play, "The Crucible," who can be considered charitable.

Frances Nurse- Frances Nurse, prior to the accusations of witchcraft against his wife, is considered a well-respected, kind, and charitable man. Nurse, in essence, does nothing to have accusations made against his family.

Rebecca Nurse- Rebecca Nurse, much like her husband (Frances Nurse), is a respected elder of the village of Salem. Like her husband, she is loving, kind and charitable. The mother of eleven children, Goody Nurse proves to be a good person.

Elizabeth Proctor- The wife of John, Goody Proctor can be considered one of the most charitable characters in the play. She forgives her husband for his infidelity and defends the accusations made against up-right villagers.